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Kona in a basket 2 months, cairn terrier puppy Kona the "cairn" terrier Kona 2 months
Kona in a basket -- 2 months Kona on a cairn -- 2 months Kona in a promising pose -- 2 months
cairn terrier Kona, 2 months Kona 2 months Kula RN cairn terrier
Kona -- 2 months Kona the toy boy -- 2 months A big smile for Kula
Kona 3 months Kula and Kona Kula and Kona
It's a good life!  -- 3 months Stop it!  It tickles!    Talking back.  Kona @ 4 months
Kona 5 months Cairngorm Coffee Tea or Me  5 months Kona 4.5 months
Shopping in the dishwasher  5 months Promising at 5 months Will I grow into this tongue?  4.5 months
Val and Kona Kula RN Kula RN
Kona's 1st puppy class win at 6 months! Kula, RN Kula, RN
Hattie at 5 months Clanmarr's Steele Princess 5 months The Crofter's Dream Cairns
Hattie at 5 months Hattie looking promising at 5 months Happy Cairns
Crofter's Dream Cairns Crofter's Dream Cairns Kula yelling at Kona
Sunning on the deck Hangin' out with mom. Kula hollering at Kona
Ch Cairngorm Coffee Tea or Me cairn terrier earthdogs
Kona - King of the stump Kona - Grooming for the show Winning ribbons at Turner, Oregon earthdog trials.
cairn terrier, Kona cairn terrier, Hattie cairn terrier Kona
Val and Kona showing in Redmond, Washington  Val and Hattie in a puppy class This is Kona, live for KONA news, 105.3 FM

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