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Earthdog Photos

Turner Oregon September 2006
Val and Kona Vickie Havlik with Mary and Oliver David Delyea with O'Rourke. JR Leg! Betsy Peets with Happy 6 Winning Cairns!      
Whidbey Island October 2006
Island sunrise Barn Quiet before the trial Waiting to go find RATS! Val with Oliver waiting to run Masters. Oliver qualifies for a Master Earthdog leg! Vcki Havlik with Mary Vicki with Mary.
Hattie waiting for intro. A common pose for an ED participant. Ray and John talking it over. Waiting for Seniors Greg and Kona awaiting their turn in Seniors. Go Cairn Go! Recee completes her Junior leg for her TITLE! Recee checking her name on the board for the "smiley face"


The Senior board Val receiving Recee's JE ribbon. Greg with Kona's SE ribbon. Carol Onstad, Joanne Leslie, Greg and Val Perry with 5 winning cairns! In the motorhome on the ferry going home.
Puget Sound Earthdog Club  Whidbey Island, May 2007
Ch Kinloch For What It's Worth ME RN cairn terrier 
Stiller, Master Earthdog                                                                      Rat crossing                                                                               Camping in the motorhome                                              Mary and Raisin  Masters Brace

Ch Kinloch Marywood ME
Handlers Jill and Vicki                                                                   Raisin                                                                                                  Mary and Raisin Masters Brace                                                 Mary at the honoring post

Vicki Havlik and Ch Kinloch Marywood ME cairn terrierCh Cairngorm Coffee Tea or Me SE cairn terrier
Rainy earthdog day                                                                                                    Vicki and Mary Double Q                                                Val and Greg with new SE Kona!

Belden Farm, Turner Oregon -- September 2007

Barb  Tom Quarles David and Nancy Vicki  Lunch Pot luck Fresh Belden farm corn Brad, Peggy and Barb
Greg / Kona Master  Q Brad /Stella Master Q Susan /Roxy Master Q George/Griffon Master Q Vicki -- JE new title Vicki arm full of cairns Vicki/Barb for Uno - Jr. Q Betsy/Happy New JE!
Waiting for Junior Crate in the corn

Crosswicks,New Jersey Oct 2007
Masters Qualification, Kona and Val
Moses Lake, WA. Oct 2007
Greg and John Schuster at start of Master's run Kona and Spike on the hunt up The famous Master Earthdog Spike-o-mania Spike on the hunt up Kona claiming a bush Kona finds the false den Spike finds the false den Kona indicating at the den opening
Greg picking up Kona Spike indicating at den opeining John picking up Spike Greg and John waiting for judge to prepare dens Greg releasing Kona at den opening Spike doing a fine job honoring. Spike is ready. John releasing Spike at den opening.
Kona honoring. Spike is ready to be retrieved from work area. John retrieves Spike  On this day, both Spike and Kona fail their qualification.  They both were a little too excited and bolted on the hunt up.  This is Kona as he bolted down the road! Judge John Schuster awarding Kona a qualifying leg (the day before)
 May 2008
cairn terrier earthdog, Kona.  New Master Cairn terrier, Kona.  Double Q Turner Oregon Cairn Terrier, Kona, Double Q, Turner Oregon cairn terrier Alex, new JE
Petaluma CA, AKC Earthdog Judge's seminar.  Greg and John Schuster Kona, New Master Earthdog May 2008, Whidbey Island Val and Kona Double Q in Turner Oregon Val and Kona earn Master Leg in Turner Oregon Deena and Alex, new JE! Puget Sound Earthdog Club Masters orientation On the way to the release area Instructions from the judge.
It's off to find the rats! Father and son, Stiller and Kona Double Q in Master and Senior the same day!
September 2008
Senior Title Canada! Senior Leg in Canada Kona sucking up to the judge Ready for lure coursing at Whidbey after earthdog. Kona all 4 off the ground -- Lure coursing Down the back stretch!
Greg and Hattie Master leg for Kona Ryan and Tally Double Q Greg and Kona Double Q Group ant Turner 10 year anniversary of OPEEC's first test. Vicki, Ryan and Barb receiving Uno's JE George receiving Master leg with  Griffin
Huge intro class Val with Hiedi and Ivy Brad and Ryan with judge Tom Val and Kona with judge Joyce Moore Judge Greg handing out intro awards. Greg receiving OTEEC bandana and beads for first OTEEC judging assignment. Kona's first Canadian Master Leg! Serge, Gazza and Kona are all winners!
Stiller earns Canadian SE! The Boys! Greg, Kona and Stiller


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