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Val and Greg Perry
 Cairn Terriers
Val relaxing with Kula, Kona and Hattie


We've been married for 38 years and have raised 4 children, Jennifer, Brian, Jay and Kevin.  Jennifer and her husband Alex have blessed us with 3 grandchildren, Kai and Maya.  Brian and Jennie have given us Jameson.  We live in Kirkland, Washington - in the greater Seattle area.

We've always had one or two dogs in our household.  Some of the breeds we've owned are: German Shepard, Fox Terrier, Llasa, Miniature Schnauzer, Golden Retriever, Rottweiler and of course Cairn Terriers.

Our first Cairn friend was George, Val's grandmother's dog.  We loved George's attitude and playfulness.  When it came time to pick our new dog we decided that Cairns were for us.  Our first Cairn was Kula.  At the time, we didn't have an interest in showing Cairns and picked Kula as a "pet" Cairn from a small breeder.  Kula was raised with our son's Rottie.  When the Rottie died, Kula became lonely for a companion.  Val's grandmother passed away and we inherited George.  When George came to live with us he was 10 years old.  We had 3 wonderful years with George.  The 2 Cairns were devoted companions and when George left us, Kula again became lonely.  

Val met some northwest Cairn breeders at a Portland dog show.  Val did some showing when she was younger and we decided to find a puppy that she could show.   She made a connection with Pat Gentry of Cairngorm Cairns and from her we purchased Kona.  Kula and Kona have become great companions.  Kona  is an AKC Champion an International Champion, Canadian Champion, Master Earthdog, Canadian Senior Earthdog and has earned several obedience titles.

Our latest addition is Clanmarr's Steel Princess (Hilo Hattie).  We own Hattie with Pat Gentry.  Hattie came to us at 5 months and is a daughter of BISS AM/CAN CH McCairn's Sir Sam Steele.  Hattie finished her American AKC Championship in November 2007.


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