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CANCH My Elizabeth McCairn, F, Grey Brindle, 2000-01-17

AMCANCH McCairn's Sir Sam Steele, Red, 1998-07-28
AMCH Barberi Hedge Johnny Rebel, Red Brindle, 1993-12-22 AMCANCH Barberi Hedge Henry Higgins, Red Brindle, 1985-03-01 AMCANCH Barberi Hedge Sam's Roark, Red Brindle, 1983-06-10
Barberi Hedge Bonny Of Belle, Brindle, 1982-01-15
AMCH Barberi Hedge Dee Cee Dee, Red Brindle, 1988-08-03 AMCANCH Jodian's Fourteen Pounder, Black Brindle, 1979-12-14
AMCANCH Barberi Hedge Cinnabar, Brindle, 1986-06-01
AMCH CANCH Meadowwyns One Trick Pony, Gray Brindle, 1993-07-23 AMCH CANCH Billy Miner McCairn, Grey Brindle, 1990-06-11 AMCANCH Cairland Brycairn Legacy, Brindle, 1986-05-01
AMCH CANCH Cairndania Molly McCairn, Grey, 1985-01-22
CANCH Meadowwyns Prayers N'promises, Wheaten, 1988-09-14 CANCH Graecairn's Mitey Tuff, Red, 1985-06-09
CANCH Meadowwyns Chantilly Lace, Cream, 1987-03-30
CANCH Madame Jehanne Benoit McCairn, Brindle
CANCH McCairn's Robert Burnaby, 1994-06-03 AMCANCH Checkers Beauregarde, Brindle, 1990-06-04 AMCANCH McCairn's Sir Henry Hudson, Gray Brindle, 1987-07-29
CANCH Checkers Windy Bear, Red, 1986-08-09
AMCANCH Cook's Strawberry Fields, Red Brindle, 1987-02-27 AMCH Dunvegans Tullock O'blantyre, Dark Red Brindle, 1982-05-13
AMCH Howdy's Serendipity Sophi, Brindle, 1983-08-14
Goldenears Andy's Girl, 1992-07-13 AMCH Howdy's Serendipity Sir Andru, Wheaten, 1981-11-29 AMCANCH Sulinda Samson Of Worrindale, Red Wheaten, 1973-05-05
AMCH Laird's Sunset Mg, Brindle, 1975-12-23
Goldenears Miss Rosie Goldenears Twist Agen
Finnis Lady of Goldenears

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